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Wildlife in the City

4 Jun

I carried my running shoes out to the front porch & noticed 2 bunnies chowing down on the dandelion leaves & grass. We stared at each other for some time; then they went back to eating. Overhead, a squawking crow flew by, chased by 2 robins, probably the same ones I saw in the back yard awhile ago. Then a mom & 2 kids walked by on the sidewalk and I tried to point to what I was watching, but at that, the bunnies scampered behind a bush. So I finally sat down on the steps to put on my shoes and chanced to look up again – a bald eagle was floating by about 60 feet above me from the ridge behind the houses across the street.

This is a very good day, I thought to myself. My wife joined me on the walk down through the dog park and by the heron rookery on the left. Have you ever heard baby herons talk’n ’bout it’s time to eat? About a dozen of them that we could see around the leaves.

We didn’t encounter much more wildlife after that – a few more bunnies down by the tracks next to Bellingham Bay, and some seagulls & crows waiting for low tide.

No pictures today, but here are a few of the owls we saw in Bridgeport State Park a few weeks ago:

Horned owl

Mama owl watching over her babies with one eye open.

baby horned owl

This is one of 2 owl babies in the nest at Washington’s Bridgeport State Park