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When the pilot says, “We have to turn back…”

24 Jun

​Yesterday, after we were in the air from Dallas 20 minutes toward Seattle, the pilot announced some indicator of a system failure so we were going back to Dallas and there would be trucks following us after landing. Yeah, 5 fire trucks & untold others. Lynn’s cortisol was raging, the guy next to me said later that me just reading a book was big comfort to him, that was after he axed if this ever happened – I answered yeah, 3-4 times for us. & some woman in first class was hauled out by the paramedics before we could get off. The pilot said on our way out of the plane that the issue turned out OK, that they were just being cautious. But in the air they tell you so little that you fill in the blanks with horror scenarios; dunno if the airlines just don’t think that thru or they don’t care or what. But I’m sure no fan of American Airlines today…