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27 May

The closer we get to TBEX, the more we read up on it, follow their links, etc., the more I scratch my head. But this morning it crystallized for me‚Äč.

We’re listening to the radio coverage of our local monster race of the year, the Ski to Sea with 500 teams of 8 people each, 7 legs covering the 90 miles from the mountain to the shore, and the announcer for the canoe/mountain bike transition point says, “Here comes the first canoe – just a minute while I take a picture of it so I can tweet it to you…”

We’ve got a photo of Edward R. Murrow, a local boy, on our wall, so you can just imagine our existential troubles with the announcer.

Like our San Francisco friend whose job it was to learn how to use all the new equipment that came into his PBS station and then teach it to the staff – one load became too much and he quit on the spot to make wooden toys in his basement – I’m feeling the need to do something else in my basement office…

He actually repurposed himself in 1969, about the time I was getting started in electronica.

Ski to Sea Race finish line

Finish line

Team #200

Team #200

Ski to Sea team Alpha Dog
Team Alpha Dogs poses for a photo.