South Lake Tahoe—the skiing’s great!

7 Mar

Well, see, last night I spent quite some time talking with the DJ who had a see-through 42-inch touch-sensitive soundboard to do anything he wanted with the music on the computer. He’d been told we were a grey-haired crowd and to play accordingly. He did. We talked sound & noise in general, the trouble as we age with discriminating conversations. Toward the end he said, Y’know, I really don’t like cell phones much, but there’s this one thing every dj ought to have. He pulled up an app on his phone and it was a decibel meter! He checks his speakers with it just to double check his sense. I was stoked, always having wanted a decibel meter since I’d produced a half-hour show on noise pollution at the station.

The meter is a free app and now I have one. And that gets me to telling you all you care to know about tonight’s dinner: the needle was pinned to the red zone, quite above 100db. The bus with chains on was close to 80, we figure because of the low rumble.

Anyway, I love my new toy and social commentator…It was so nice that a bus was to take one of our cancer survivors back to the hotel right after dinner tonight instead of waiting another hour & the hostess asked if anyone wanted to go with him. Damned near filled the bus…

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